Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (SACC)

Agenda July 25th, 2021-- Hybrid meeting On Site & Online @1:30

COVID Notice: We have reserved a room for our private meeting. All other health factors are at the individual’s discretion.

Agenda: Offical meeting starts at 1:30.
- Welcome! Brian

- Call for donations – The abyss is gone, but we would still like to have a sales table. We are looking for people to donate misc. items to the club to sell this year to raise funds for future AmiWest shows.
We still have books/manuals from the Abyss. David Coombs has created a complete inventory which you can view at xls format - or - pdf format If you see something you like, let David know

- Amiwest 2021 Planning - Brian/Jerry

- Sharing – Bring your toys. Remember, we still have some supplies (Monitor, adapters, power cables) at most meetings. If you know you need something specific, please let Brian or Jerry know and we can try to arrange to have it at the Hotel. - News:

The Brewing Academy has the RGB2HDMI adapters for the A2000 available.

WinUAE getting experimental physical floppy drive support! See the project page at

The OneBus interface by Stephane Ghenne. Facebook Group

Projects – Share your projects, ask questions

- Social hour - Networking. Hang out chat.

SACC - July 2021 Monthly Meeting

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2224 Auburn Blvd
Sacramento, Ca 95821
Phone 916-923-1100
Jerry Gray

We will be using Jitsi for the on-line meeting, and the hotel will be available for those who wish to attend in person. The meeting online url is:

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