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 Games  Songs and Rhymes
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 Art and Design  Mathematics
 Spelling / Grammar  Compilation Suites


  • Animal Land
    This game is aimed at developing your childs recognition skills by use of numbers and animals

  • Ask Me Another [aged 3+]
    Contains twenty individual modules that are both fun and cover a wide range of different learning techniques

  • Memory
    This games is similar to card game 'Doubles'

  • Mummys' Playtime [#1] [#2] [#3]
    This game features four sub games for children including Go Troll and Bangman

  • Humourous Games [#1] [#2] [#3]
    Go Troll, Bangman, Choo Choo Shoe Shoot and Chase the Troll against Mummy. Lots of sampled speech and fun

  • Snakes 'n Ladders and Doubles

  • Memory
    Find all pairs of matching cards or stones

  • Find the Treasure
    Logic game, use standard co-ordinates (first go across in the x direction, then go up in the y direction) to direct Pirate Pete to his gold!

  • Two Can Play
    POP IT, UP The Chimney, Splat!, The Big Race and Jack's House

  • Off you go
    • OFF YOU GO - A board game for 1 to 4 players. The idea is to get your three wiglly worms home before the other players (or computer) This game calls on plenty of simple logical decision making. (5 years+)
    • MIGHTY MIND - A splendid rendition of the classic boardgame Mastermind. The player has to crack the four colour code. Three dificulty levels. Plenty of logic required. (7 Years+)
    • FIND IT - Shake up the letters in the grid and see how many words you can make before the timer runs out. (5 years+)
    • WORD HOP - Guess the word, letter by letter before the frgo gets the bug! (7 Years+) All four games come with in-game instructions.
  • Zongada Adventure
    Help the young space cadet find her way back in space from an unknown planet

songs and rhymes

Songs below requires "amos.library" version 2. Available from other Aminet programs,

  • Children's Favourites [#1] [#2] [#3]
    A compendium of children's songs including:
    • Sing A Song Of Sixpence
    • I Had A Little Nut Tree
    • Tom The Piper's Son
    • Pussy Where Have You Been
    • The Grand Old Duke Of York
    • Oranges And Lemons
    • Pussy Down The Well
    • Old King Cole
    • Jack And Jill

  • Karaoke for Kids! [.dms]
    Sing along to the following songs:
    • The Grand Old Duke of York
    • Baa Baa Black Sheep
    • Humpty Dumpty
    • Hush Little Baby
    • Little Brown Jug
    • Old King Cole
    • Oranges And Lemons
    • Polly Put The Kettle On
    • Sing a Song of Sixpence
    • Skip To My Lou
    • Ten Green Bottles
    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    • Wee Willie Winkie
    • Yankee Doodle

story books

language and literature

  • Japanese
    Learn to speak and write Japanese. This version is for the 'Amiga Workbench version 1.3' user
  • Japanese
    Learn to speak and write Japanese. This version is for the 'Amiga Workbench version 2.x+' user

art and design

  • Junior Artist
    Contains loads of features, includes pictures, patterns, brushes, houses, animals and scenery

  • Colouring-In For Kids

  • Picture Book and Colouring-In
    Conlour in pictures and save them to your album directory for later viewing

  • KidsPaint
    Basic paint program designed to be used by children of almost all ages

  • Colouring Book
    Allow children of all ages to colour in supplied pictures using the computer

  • Paint It
    Contains loads Icons for you to press and each has it`s own unique sound

  • Pick n' Stick
    Picture creator, around fifty different objects to pick n stick on the background picture from three different settings, seaside family or underwater

  • BBC Playdays Paint [aged 3-7] [stockist]
    Superb computer colouring book featuring all the characters from the popular BBC [UK] TV programme. Your child can draw and print their own pictures using many easy to use unique features and colour them in to their hearts content

  • Thomas the Tank Engine Paint Box [aged 3+] [stockist]
    Colour in pictures from the TV series or draw your own. Create Birthday Cards, Banners and Calendars. Mix colours on screen, use the easy and friendly children's controls


spelling and grammar

compilations and suites

  • Advanced Software Suite for KiDS V0.206
    Most advanced, feature-packed kid's package currently available

  • Early Essentials [aged 3-7] [stockist]
    Creating an ideal foundation for children to build on using Shape & Colour, Numbers, Alphabet, Science, Tables & Bonds, Logic, Algebra, Time, Properties and Words

  • Kids Only
    Consists of a collection of seven activities for children aged 5 and older

  • Rainy Day
    • Paint Box - Allowing children to easily colour in one of ten pictures
    • Tiny Tunes - Contains ten popular nursery rhymes
    • Wordsearch - Find the hidden words in each of ten different puzzles
    • Story Book - Four stories to read
    • Scribble Pad

  • School Fun 2 [aged 8+] [stockist]
    8 colourful and exciting programs that have been carefully designed by a team of educationalists. Skill level automatically adjusted to suit child

  • Sooty Paint [aged 3+] [stockist]
    Featuring Sooty and Sweep from the UK TV series. Your child can draw, paint and print out their own pictures using many easy to use unique, computer assisted features and then colour them in to their hearts content. Colour in over 44 pictures again and again, the choices are endless

  • Through The Red Door
    • Colours: Help Simon and Sarah to choose the colours of objects in the playroom, the countryside and the seaside.
    • Numbers: Help Sarah to find the missing animals in the shop, garden and bedroom.
    • Clothes: Help to dress Sarah and Simon in the correct clothing.
    • Letters: Find the objects begining with the selected letter.